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I love all kinds of games. Not only board games but also sports, competitions, challenges, etc. The thing for me is not to win (although I think it's fun), but it's the challenge I want. The most important are the interaction between the players, the tough decisions, and the even fight. It's never fun to win or lose big, but the thrill is when it is even, or when you are the underdog, and still manages to draw the longest straw to end. That's the feeling I want my games to have.

Generally, I hope that more people start to play board games. It’s a good way to hang out, have fun, exercise the brain. It’s about memory, tactic, perception and social skill.


This is what I seek to accomplish when I create a game:

•No downtime without choices and ideas.

•The feeling of ongoing and smooth pace.

•A lot of interaction (It doesn’t have to be rude, but it should be interaction)

•Easy but hard (one minute to understand a life time to master)

•High replay ability

•Fun (It’s good to have a nice laugh)

Hunger - Published


The game is published! I joined the Phalanx team at UK Game Expo (June 2017) at the release of the game. For me, it was wonderful feedback. The game wasn’t known for the visitors before the expo, but almost all groups bought a copy of the game after they had played it. Better feedback is hard to get. Now I hope for some nice reviews and that the game will spread.


Reed more about the game here.


Reed about the game on Boardgamegeek.


Interview with me (shuffel and play).


Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Do you have the wits to survive, with other participants, on a deserted tropical island? Or simply want to win $1,000,000? If so, HUNGER is searching for self-reliant contestants to attempt this bold adventure.


HUNGER is a fast paced family game with rich player interaction. To win, you have to predict your opponent’s actions. On the island, you can gather fruit and catch chickens to get more food. But to win, you also have to collect raft pieces. It's a good thing that no one would ever think of stealing food and raft parts from other participants…



Varjager is ready for a publisher!

Varjager has become a fantastic game and now I'm looking for a publisher. Somehow it become a good feeling game that people just love. It's a Viking theme game that have worker placement, adventure, semi co-op, push your luck and set collection as main mechanics. I know how hard it is to go from a fantastic game a published game but for Varjager I'm confident that it will find a publisher. I think it's just too good to not be published ;-)



Trappist 1 is ready for a publisher!


Trappist-1 is a re-theme of Omen. The game is also striped down to a much faster game but still have the unique and fun core mechanic. It’s a game that I love to play but it’s still not a game for everyone. It’s a tactical game with a lot of interaction and negotiation and the perception skill is tested to the max. I think it's so much fun I hope really hope it find its way to the players soon.


Omen - Swedish Champion (Info sheet, rules and more)

Omen won the swedish champion ship in board game design now i February 2017. This is increadible fun and I hope that the title will help the very good game to find a publisher.


Omen is more or less ready for the world. The play testing has led to a solid and really great game. The feeling of being a God that are going to do anything in its power to convince the worshippers to join you are great.


Game goal: You play as a mediocre god. But the end of the world is coming. Now you have the chance of your eternal life to be the one and only. But your sisters and brothers have other intentions. To win you have to read the omens right, deceive the other gods and use your wrath to convince worshippers to choose you. Your choices will determine whether Hell or Heaven will arise. But let’s start, send out your prophets and use your goodly power, soon enough there will be only one.


Doge of Genoa (Info sheet, rules and more)

Another new game. This game is as Hunger more of a party game with a lot of player interaction. You play as a family in the 1600-centuries Genoa. Obvious you want to become the most prestigious family. This is a voting, pact building, tactical game that a hope will appeal you.


Space Koggs have a fully functional prototype and have become a really good game. The most appreciated game type is the Stella Demolition Derby that is a free for all competition that's both great fun and chaotic. The only problem is the illustrations that need some more love, but otherwise, its should have a better destiny than laying in a box.


Game goal: The goal is to build the ultimate Space Kogg and defeat the other player’s Space Koggs. The game takes place over three phases where you build your Space Kogg with the three card decks. At the end of each phase there is a competition. There are two different types of competitions you can play: Intergalactic Champion Tournament where you meet one opponent at the time or the Stella Demolition Derby that’s is a chaotic free for all. The more victorious your ship is the more victory cards you get. And the player with the most victory cards at the end wins the game.


Don't miss the link to the infosheet, rules and P&P version at the heading.

Good Deeds is a really unique game idea. You can only do good deeds for your friends, and in theory it is the person that the other players are nicest against that wins. But like life, the game is more complex. In the game, there are three resources, Love, Stuff, and Amusement. Depending on how much or little of these resources you get you can obtain bad habits. The only way to get rid of them is to ask your opponents for forgiveness for your bad behaviour. If they forgive you they also get a virtue that really can change the game.


The game is something of a mix of a party game, board game, and role-playing, and the most surprising part in the test playing have been how hard (and fun for the rest of the players) it is for people to ask for forgiveness even if its just a game.


This game is really something special, but I need more playtesting and evolving to make it really smooth even if it already funtastic good.


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